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Lead Problems in Toys Imported from China
Hunter Thompson6:41 AM

Toys Imported from China

In 2007 a series of product recalls and import bans were enforced by the product safety organizations of the USA, Canada, the European Union, Australia and New
Zealand in opposition to goods produced in and exported from the landmass of the People's Republic of China because of many claimed client safety concerns. In accordance with the South China Morning Post, Chinese toy companies blame quality control auditors used to impose requirements for getting bribes as a way to turn a blind eye to the progressively stringent security principles required by foreign retailers.

 The United States and China also decided to work on increasing the general security of the other country’s toy export products. Among the toy recalls, the difficulty is most serious with low-price toys that are usually offered at dollar shops and other discounters, which are produced and delivered to the USA often without the participation of main American toy importers. 

 The toys were secured at a factory in China with lead paint, which may harm brain cells, specially in small children. Much of the increase in China’s ranking on the recall list has to do with its corresponding rise as the world’s toy chest: toys made in China comprise 70 to 80 percent of the toys distributed in the country, regarding to the Toy Industry Association. The Toy Industry Association is an organization which presents most American toy companies and importers. Lead poisoning is one of the main troubles across China. A minimum of ten percent of Chinese kids suffer from lead poisoning because of lead located in paint, toys, food, water and other resources. Lead poisoning can result in a lot of health difficulties such as kidney failure and brain damage.
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