Thursday, November 14, 2013

Impact of Media on Society
Hunter Thompson4:40 AM

Media is so influential in our lives. It is the most powerful tool of communication. Media helps promoting the right points on proper time. It provides a serious exposure to the mass viewers about what is correct or incorrect. Mass media includes the press, the radio and television. 

We can not imagine our life without them. Media plays an essential role in the life of contemporary society. Mass media also influence the way people look at the world and make them transform their opinions. Media forms public opinion. Large numbers of persons in their free time watch TV, read newspapers or listen radio. On the one hand, it is really good, because they learn something new. Media has a special influence over the lifestyle of modern society. Persons are very rapidly well informed with what is happening in the community with the assistance of news sources.

 Mass media provide as the best means for a fast spread of information about significant events or incidents taking place. It has given each one of us a platform to voice our viewpoints on all kinds of public and political problems and discuss details with the other person. On the other hand, modern mass media has a bad impact on youth. Modern films are developing the violence in young people. The kids get the great pleasure in playing video games and they invest hours together before laptop or computer, browsing through Internet. They see both the positive and the negative things through mass media. 

The older persons are stuck up with TV serials and show much attention in raising cultural status, by wasting cash. Speaking about media, we can say that the impact of media on society is very large, but it can be as positive so as negative.
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